James Harris
James Harris
James Harris

James Harris is a hypnotherapy professional. He is professionally qualified and understand how powerful the treatment he provides is. James considers himself very fortunate to be able to help others in such profound ways.

James Harris hasn’t always been a hypnotherapist. For many years he was in the military as an engineer, and suffered from PTSD after Kosovo in 1999 and a traumatic brain injury in Northern Ireland in 2004.

He was treated by the current medical model for 2-3 years, and whilst recovering, he wanted more for life. Feeling that he had no other real options, James turned to alternative therapies. James tried acupuncture, kinesiology therapy and reiki. He experienced such a positive effect of the alternative therapies and noticed the positive impact it was having on me.

James Harris was also suffering from PTSD and realised that the alternative therapies were helping him start to overcome this. James finally put this to rest with hypnosis, thus realising the true potential of the therapy.

Since then he has had several successful businesses, including an award-winning wine bar and being a professional photographer. James has travelled to some really interesting places including a trek to the Everest Base camp, which marked the last hurdle of my recovery from the brain injury.

The reiki he received helped him to overcome an inner ear menieres disorder, which is a debilitating condition where people feel sick, and therefore dizzy all of the time.

James realised the powerful and positive impact alternative therapies were having on his life, and other people around him were experiencing a much more positive version of him. James realised he felt more positive and more confident as a result of these therapies. He felt so strongly that James wanted to retrain and support others to overcome their difficult experiences. He realised that he had been helping people in private, most of my life.

James trained in Reiki and eventually became a Reiki Master, He is also very well read in Hypnotherapy. He is qualified to the gold standard of hypnosis the HPD, Hypnotherapy practitioners diploma and also the ADH Advanced Diploma in hypnotherapy. His engineering mind means he always want to understand how something works and the human mind and its potential is no exception. He has written a book called Anything is Possible, which is an autobiography, and gives an insight into his eventful life, and the struggles he has faced, but fortunately learnt to overcome.

Having experienced alternative therapies for himself, he has a deep understanding of the benefits and knowing the powerful impact they have upon individuals and families. James Harris works and covers the following towns; Long Eaton, Spondon, Borrowash, Draycott, Sawley and Nottingham.

After many years of intense training, Hope Hypnotherapy was born. Everyone needs hope.

Full Support

While working with clients the change can radiate out and effect there relatonships with others. I can also support the family of the clients during the process, if required.

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Make the change today

Hypnotherapy has been helping people to overcome negative events for hundreds of years, and is now widely used alongside other common forms of therapy. Get in touch today and find out how I can help you.

Session Fees

I charge £60 for the first session and this may last up to 1h 15minutes.
After that its £60 per session which last 45-60 minutes.
Payments can be made by cash or card at the start of the session.


DBS Managed Office, The Old Vicarage, Market Street, Castle Donnington, Derby, Derbyshire, DE74 2JB
Open 9am - 9pm Monday - Friday

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