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Helping you change your life through hypnotherapy to help you overcome difficult events in your life.

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Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Hope Hypnotherapy

James Harris set up Hope Hypnotherapy as a hypnotherapy clinic that can change the lives of clients through the use of a powerful therapy, that when used in the right conditions, can help individuals to overcome difficult events in their life. James uses some NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Clinical Hypnosis, and Metaphors alongside Content Free Regression Therapy to help individuals to overcome any emotional barriers they are experiencing. These therapies work with our mind’s unconscious thought patterns to assist in getting us thinking in a different and more positive way.  We all need to think differently and more positively at times.

Hypnotherapist Nottingham

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Professional Service

James Harris works in a professional manner, always starting where the client is at, and listening carefully to their needs.

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Bespoke Treatments

Together we develop a bespoke service, using my clinical judgement and professional integrity to ensure every client benefits from the therapy.

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Full Support

While working with clients the change can radiate out and effect there relatonships with others. I can also support the family of the clients during the process, if required.

Let Us Help You

Hypnotherapy is renowned for helping people who feel they are stuck in routines or have negative cycles of thinking; it helps to guide them through difficult or upsetting events and think about these in a more positive and constructive way.

Step One

Call James Harris to discuss briefly what type of hypnotherapy you are looking for. 

Step Two

You then make an appointment either with James or through the online app.

Step Three

You will the meet with James for the initial consultation and go into therapy if you agree.


Understanding Hypnotherapy

James Harris always carries out a full and honest consultation with all clients before starting any treatment. It is important to discuss the different options clients have, he will always work with clients to dispel myths around hypnotherapy prior to the treatment commencing. Hypnotherapy uses guided relaxation and intense concentration to reach a state of increased awareness. During this time, James will work with you to alter how your brain reacts to negative memories and thoughts.

James Harris

Hypnotherapy has been helping people to overcome negative events for hundreds of years, and is now widely used alongside other common forms of therapy.

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Kat Kulpa

I was referred to James at Hope Hypnotherapy by a friend. After just 3 sessions we had managed to get to the root of the problem and eliminate the current issues I was struggling with. I had never realised how much certain situations of the past can prevent future growth. Like I mentioned above, after 3 sessions only, this was all eliminated and I can now move forward. All sessions were relaxed and there was no discussion on anything to do with past experiences so I left feeling refreshed rather than deflated. I would recommend James 100% and I truly believe he has a gift to help people.

Make the change today

Hypnotherapy has been helping people to overcome negative events for hundreds of years, and is now widely used alongside other common forms of therapy. Get in touch today and find out how James Harris can help you.

Session Fees

I charge £60 for the first session and this may last up to 1h 15minutes.
After that its £60 per session which last 45-60 minutes.
Payments can be made by cash or card at the start of the session.


DBS Managed Office, The Old Vicarage, Market Street, Castle Donnington, Derby, Derbyshire, DE74 2JB
Open 9am - 9pm Monday - Friday

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